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Insulated Copper Tube & Fittings

update: 2016-04-01
A complete line of insulated copper tube and pipe sheathed in high grade flame retardant insulation for thermal resistance up to 120℃ and suitable for any type of residential or commercial Air Conditioners.

As INABA DENKO copper tubes and pipes are pre-insulated, much of installer﹊s time and energy to assemble copper tube/pipe and insulation can be saved.

Besides, tubing is supplied in long length such as 20 or 30 meter coils, it also supplies less risk of gas leakage with less connecting parts.

Rigid pipe is 4 meter pipes which is more convenient to handle and carry around even in narrow space at installation site.

Available in single pipe (Type NC NEOCOIL, NH NEOPIPE) or paired linesets (Type PC PAIRCOIL), with plain ends, expanded female end.

(Flare Nut)

neocoil with 20mm thcikness of thermal insulation tube





Flare Nut

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  • Safety
    Relevant Safety Standards
    • Superior Quality Control
      INABA DENKO insulated copper tube and pipe conforms to most current safety and performance standards for copper pipe and insulation.
      Coper Tube Japanese Standard (JIS H3300 C1220T)
    • Flame Retardant Insulation
      Our insulation is in accordance with European standard (EN13501-1) and German standard (DIN 4102-1, B1 class)
      Insulation European Standard (EN13501-1)
      German Standard (DIN4102-1, B1 class)
  • Quality
    High-Quality Materials
    • Excellent Thermal Resistance
      All insulated tube and pipe products are fabricated with high grade insulation with a thermal resistance up to 120℃.
    • Wear Resistant Outer Covering.
      Tough embossed outer covering is easy to tape and prevents damage during installation. In addition, PE foam has good pressure resistance and it﹊s not easy to be teared, especially at the hanging point. outer cover
  • Function
    Upgrade Working Efficiency
    • Improved Installation Efficiency
      Easy to bend and cut, Paircoil (PC & SPH) can easily be separated by hand. No tools or cutting are necessary. no tools
    • Concealed Installation
      For concealed pipe installations, thicker insulation types (20mm) are available to further reduce sweating.

    • Length Markings
      For 20m & 30m Coil, consecutively numbered length markings are clearly printed on insulation surface at 1 meter intervals to indicate remaining length. length markings

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Insulation Specifications

Chemically cross linked polyethylene foam with an expansion factor of 30 enclosed by a plastic film with an embossed surface.
Thermal Conductivity (Ave.23℃) 0.043 W/m•K or less
Tensile Strength 14 N/cm2 or over
Water Absorption Volume 2.0 g/100cm2 or less
Thickness Shrinkage Ratio 7 % or less
Moisture Permeability (per 25mm thickness) 20 ng/m2s•Pa or less
Temperature Range -40 to 120 ℃

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Refrigerant Classification List

Applicable Refrigerant
1 3.45 MPaR22, R407C, R404A, R507A, etc
2 4.30 MPaR22, Rf410A, R407C, R404A, R507A, R32*1, etc
3 4.80 Mpa4.80 MPa or less
*1 R32 is classified to class 2 at maximum usable pressure, however, it will be limited to the use of mini-sprit room air conditioner.
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Insulated Copper Tube

COIL - Insulated Copper Tube -
Flame Retardant Insulation & Overseas Model

PIPE - Insulated Straight Copper Pipe -
Flame Retardant Insulation & Overseas Model

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High Quality COPPER FITTINGS satisfy all the requirements for hot and cold water as well as refrigerant gas.

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NEW Products

new product AC Wi-Fi AP UNIT


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